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The Artists

Maurizio Giulio ROSK and Mirko LOSTE Cavallotto are two Sicilian artists who have always merged figurative painting to street art in their graffiti artworks.

They have started their artistic journey almost simultaneously at the Art Institute they were both attending in 2004.

Plastic Free

The main mission of the two artists is to renovate and re-qualify urban areas using graffiti, bringing beauty where there seems not to be any.

The piece of art

The artwork aims to raise awareness on the problem of plastic pollution in the Oceans, to encourage this recent wave of change towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Rosk and Loste painted a polar bear, a threatened species, while swimming in an Ocean of plastic. In particular, these plastic products are produced by the same companies who use polar bears as advertisement attraction in their campaigns. This aims to highlight this paradox to raise awareness on the state of our ecosystems and to the need to find a new innovative solution to move towards a more sustainable production, management and lifestyle.

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