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The Artist

Federico Massa aka “Iena Cruz”, was born Milan, but he is currently living in New York. Through his murals that represent climate change, pollution risks and the problem of the animal extinctions, he has established his name at an international level.


Currently human beings are overexploiting the resources of our planet, starting in this way a new geological era: the Anthropocene.

Iena Cruz was inspired by this word to develope the name of his masterpiece: “AnthropOcean”. The masterpiece wants to make people reflect about the scars that humans are leaving at the bottom and at the surface of the ocean.

The piece of art

In the middle of the mural, there is an oil drilling platform that extracts the black gold to make a plastic bottle to symbolize the consumeristic choice that we make everyday. In this way the entire marine system is bottled with the horizon of an increasingly uncertain and blurred future perspective.

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