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Welcome on board!

Together we can make the difference

Because The Sea Starts From Here

Discover how

The Sea Starts From Here is a file rouge of change-making actions dedicated to the safeguard of the Oceans, developed and carried out with likeminded businesses.

Change starts from our daily actions, which can have a positive or negative impact on the future of our Blue Planet. Together we strive to (re)connect people, companies and businesses to the Ocean.

When it comes to our daily actions, it is up to us to choose where we stand.


The sea has no boundaries, and so should we to protect it. That’s why we are creating a network of realities united to bring the sea closer to our everyday life. Because the sea starts also from your offices! Together, we can shape start the blue journey that is most fitting to your scenario.


A step-by-step journey to turn your company plastic-free and make your employers and their families fall in love with the Ocean, its wonders, but also its vulnerabilities. Because our daily actions can have a positive or negative impact on the Ocean, it is up to us to choose!

Let’s get to know each other!

Tell us how is your business like to start our sustainable journey on the right wave.

Action plan

Once you have identified the objectives, you move on to action. Advice, advice, contacts and support to make your company more sustainable and get closer to the sea.

No More Plastic

Our expert communicators are ready chat about the beauty and fragility of the sea to motivate your actions.

The Sea starts from Us

An active and continuative journey where small actions can make a big change.


Screening of a reduced version of “A Plastic Ocean”- the famous Craig Leeson documentary about the consequences of our single- use lifestyle on the Ocean.

The documentary is followed by an educational talk carried out by our experts.


It's time to get involved because everyone needs to make a difference.

Organization of a day for colleagues and family members to clean a beach near the sea, a river or a lake.

A unique engagement occasion for your employees to learn about the problems of the Ocean while strengthening team building skills.


A direct way to engage also new generations and to learn creatively.

The kids realize artworks out of plastic fragments collected on beached,

which can be kept as a souvenir in your offices.


An opportunity for employees to put their skills at the service of the community to make the difference.

Your time, experience and passion would be fundamental for Worldrise to educate our team and support our projects.


During the past few years we have given life to a number of different change making projects, thanks to the support of companies like you.

From Marine Protected Areas and sustainable fisheries to eco-tourism and plastic pollution, across street art and music! Discover our projects and help us to save the sea!

Are you interested in starting a sustainable journey with us? Send us an email at ilmareiniziadaqui@worldrise.org or fill in this form