Are you a music artist or a DJ?
Help us reduce the music industry environmental impact by converting your rider to EcoRider!

Music for the sea


Every year, more than 8.8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the Oceans, the equivalent of a truck full of plastic unloading its content in the sea every minute. 80% of marine litter is composed by plastic, and 80% of this plastic comes from land based sources.

If you want to make the difference then

BE the difference!

We are still on time to choose to be part of the solution, not of the problem: awareness can be easily translated into action and activism.

We now have the opportunity to start a movement to impose and direct the change we want to see in the world.


We will transform your rider in ECORIDER, pretending both on the stage and behind it: the ban of single use plastic, the limitation of waste and a correct recycling system.


  • Dente

  • Vasco Brondi

  • Funk Shui Project & Davide Shorty

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