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#Batti5 for a cleaner sea

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Children involved


A creative and educational project to build awareness among the younger generation on the threats of plastic pollution to our ocean.

The project develops in three phases:

1. Lesson

An interactive, in-class lesson, in which the impacts of plastic pollution on marine environments, and in particular animals, are outlined to the kids. During the lecture, simple solutions to implement in our daily life are introduced, with a focus on educating on the responsible use of plastic.

2. Collection

The active collection of plastic debris on the beach. During this activity, the kids realise how much plastic waste is present on our shores, and understand that a beach clean can be a simple and effective solution to the problem.

Fasi Raccolta #Batti5 Worldrise

3. Art

An art laboratory in which the kids create beautiful artworks out of the collect plastic waste, with the aim to raise awareness on the problem of plastic pollution on our shores. Educational panels are then created, in which both problems and solutions to the problem of plastic pollution are outlined.

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#Batti5, a plastic ocean: we are the solution

Plastic pollution in the ocean is now more than ever threatening our planet and most of its inhabitants, with no exceptions for humans. The project #Batti5 aims to raise awareness among younger generations on the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans, through the use of the best international practices, and thanks to the support of organisations like One More Generation (OMG) and the collaboration with the Plastic Awareness Coalition.

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