Worldrise promotes the conservation and safeguard of the marine environment through a series of projects to enhance both professional, for young people, and sustainable development.

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Multiple drops of water can together create an Ocean!

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When young

and nature meet,

great things happen.

Worldrise is an ONLUS created by young people for young people. It develops projects to conserve and safeguard the marine environment, which are based on awareness-raining, creativity and education.

Worldrise projects are designed and runned with students and graduates, in order to facilitate the gain of professional knowledge and skills, and educate the future guardians of the Italian natural heritage. We act for nature!



Raising awareness of new generations on the pollution of plastics at sea

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The Gulf of Dolphins

Promotion of respectful behavior towards marine mammals

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Full Immersion MPAs

Process of education and enhancement of the values of the Protected Marine Area

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Network of commercial activities, working towards the common goal of eliminating the usage of single-use plastic.

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A-mare the Aeolian Islands

Promotion and dissemination of cultural and environmental values of the Aeolian Islands.

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SEAstainable SEAfood Guide

To educate on the sustainability of fishing and a more responsible fish consumption

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Mariasole Bianco Worldrise 200x200

"The future of the oceans and therefore of all our planet is in our hands. Each of us in his small way can make a big difference"

Mariasole Bianco, co-founder of Worldrise Onlus

We live in the Ocean Planet


Land surface covered by the sea


Of the species live in the oceans


Oxygen we breathe comes from the sea


Carbon dioxide absorbed by the ocean

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